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Family Don't End With Blood

6 July
Butler, Pennsylvania, United States
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art, celebrities, destiel, fangirling, misha fucking collins, movies, music, mythology, people, poetry, psychology, reading, singing, supernatural, true crime, tv, writing
Hi! My name is Robyn, I am a mommy to three great kids, and a hardcore Supernatural fangirl. I found my OTP and I'm never letting go (DESTIEL OF COURSE!!!)
This LJ crazy thing, I can't exactly figure out how to use it and organize it and make it pretty, nor do I seem to find the time, as I can't stop reading fic long enough to try ;-p. Don't write yet, but I know I will.
I'm a loyal loving friend in RL and especially here, so if you like reviews, and you like making friends here, I am your girl. Nothing other than my family makes me happier than LJ, new friends, and Misha fucking Collins k??
I love you all, people who even took time to read this. May Castiel, Angel of Thursday, (and of The Lord) always shine his holy and hot face upon you.
It's a confetti parade!!!!
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