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It's funnier in Enochian
Family Don't End With Blood
Five Acts 
15th-Apr-2012 02:38 am
Sammy bitchfacin like a boss
1. Jealousy: I like when one is jealous because other/s are showing interest in their partner. Burning jealousy feelings inside, inner turmoil, rage, with tinges of insecurity.

2. Possessive kind of goes with number 1, jealousy leads to possessiveness

3. Claiming  Let the other know you are MINE. bitings,hickeys

4. Soul bonding,grace sex, mating . Profound bonding.
5. Secret love/first time  I like when both are in love but afraid to say it, feeling unworthy, that they would not be loved by the other.  Something, (jealousy,danger, etc) forces admissions, then, first time sex!!!

My first time posting or writing, so I hope I am doing this right!!!

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Cas

I tend to like top cas, but will take author's choice :-)

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