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It's funnier in Enochian
Family Don't End With Blood
Turning in my Sam!girl card. Jared interview about Season 8 "Sam"  
7th-Oct-2012 02:17 am
aaargh kitty

I am sick to my stomach. This interview literally kicked me in the feels, in the fangirl. If this is really how the show is doing things, if this is really the "new" Sam, then I officially hand in my Sam!girl card. I don't want to offend anyone,honest, and I don't want to fight anyone. Everyone their own opinions. But for me, I just hate this. While the Destiel fangirl in me is excited that we may actually get some validation for that relationship this season, it certainly does not make up for the reason I fell for the show, that is to say, THE BOYS. The brotherhood, the love, the dynamics of family. The fact that Sam just basically says "hey, I love you but, I'm over you. I'm over it. No hard feelings. I gotta do me". Wow, sorry, that is not the Sam I knew, and definitely not the Winchester way. I know Show is trying to mature them, and rightfully so after 8 years, but this? No, no, I just don't think so. Growth is good, but OUTgrowing your brother? And that Jared, my beloved Padapuppy, feels that Sam is the "adult" in the relationship?? Since when is it the adult thing to do to "get over" your brother? Jared's description leaves me cold. Sam doesn't even seem to particularly care that Dean has PTSD. Sam just apparently wants to move on, and get on with life, maybe see Dean at Christmas. Or maybe not even then, maybe just send a card.
Sorry, I'm on a tear. I'm very angry, and unhappy. I think this may very well mark the day that I become a Dean!girl. Never thought I'd see the day where I lost love for Sam.
Actually, I am just happy to be a Cas!girl, and a Misha!girl first and foremost. Somehow, I'm always able to stay on that boat solidly, lol.
Pfft. Jared, Show, Sam what are you doing to me?

i quit

just rip my heart out and eat it
(Deleted comment)
8th-Oct-2012 02:26 am (UTC)
And there is a reason why I love you despite your being a Sam girl. LOL (the Sam girl thing was a joke, btw *winks*)
This line right here just made me smile: I've always thought Dean loved Sam more...

I couldn't agree with you more.

Let me tell you a story... (Yes, oh God, here she goes...HAHA)

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved Dean but also loved his brother Sam Winchester. She use to think that Sam was the end all because he was so cute and sensitive and it was refreshing to see that IN A GUY since let's face it, that kind of shit only happens in fairy tales. Anyway, she loved Dean and related to him more, but she had a soft spot for the younger Winchester, so much so that others thought for a long time that she was a Sam girl... (I think she was more of a Dean girl in Sam girl clothing personally, but I digress...) And then Season 4 happened and her true colors showed in spades. She was never able to forgive that Sam for what he had done and how he had acted toward his brother. What happened to the loving, caring, emo boy we all knew? And then Season 5 came and she caught glimpses of the boy she knew in the man on the screen. So she was a tad bit happier, (though she still wanted to see Sam get on his knees and beg his brother's forgiveness for Season 4...and maybe blow him while he was down there) but then Season 6 happened and it was back to the same old crap of Season 4 all over again. Personally Robo!Sam, IMO wasn't a whole lot different than Season 4 Sam. But that's me. Now, as we go into Season 8, the younger Winchester is just PROVING what I thought about him in Season 4. Personally, I agreed with every word that demon!Bobby said to him in Season 5. I know it was harsh to hear, but I was hoping that MAYBE just maybe that was the real Bobby and Sam would take a look at the person he was becoming. Alas, that was not to be. *sighs*
All I can say darlin' is what "Kripke" said to us all in Revolution last Monday night.

"Sam was a nice kid but we can't mourn that now, we have to move on..."

I know that it was supposed to be about the boy who died on the show, but I think it was also a shout out to us who are confused and mourning the loss of that once shy, innocent, doe eyed young man we knew.

*hugs you*
-- Fetish
(Deleted comment)
8th-Oct-2012 04:35 am (UTC)
HAHAHA Did you really? Well was the sucker at least good since I know the story was boring. LOL

Oh and btw, the God!Chuck thing... I am honored. *nods* Thanks. :-) LOL
(Deleted comment)
8th-Oct-2012 04:42 am (UTC)
HAHA Aww, that's so cute!♥
9th-Oct-2012 08:02 am (UTC)
*hugs you back* never be afraid to express what you think here my dear, i want no less than that!
I really do agree with you on many points. Funny thing is, I think I became a Sam girl largely due to how I found SPN. First epi i ever watched was AHBL, and that was in reruns.AT the time, it was realtime Seas 6. So, back then, for where I started at, I just fell for Sammy. He is what drew me to the show. His total love for his brother, his fear he wouldn't get back to him. I was on the edge of my seat and then when he DIED, and the scene with Jensen crying over him, dear GOD i was hooked. The brother dynamic at it's finest. So, I started watching reruns, while trying to watch the new season too. THEN I decided,f this, I need to know all this story NOW. So I bought all the seasons. I was fairly jumbled, but the more I watched, and chronologically at that, the more I leaned in to Dean. Because in my own life, I am definitely Dean. No self worth. Guilt guilt guilt. Always abandoned. I just really get him.
And then of course, for me, once Cas came along, I was DONE. Fell in love with that angel, Misha, and Destiel. And then I reallly wanted Dean to just be able to be with Cas, b/c Cas really loves him, all day every day. Every choice he makes, good or bad, is all about Dean. He has and will die a thousand times over if it means Dean is ok. And the more I saw that, the madder I got when Sam kept screwing up.
I am rambling, I know lol
For me, when everyone crabs about, why can't dean forgive Cas, he forgives Sam..bla bla. My belief is, he can't figure out how to DO that, as much as he wants to, b/c Cas's betrayal is even MORE painful, (who could think )than Sam's. B/c Sam has always been a given, there's no way around Sam for Dean, he's going to be there, family, no matter what. He will take whatever Sam gives, (up til now anyway,i hope) But with Cas, he let Cas in. Cas wasn't blood so to speak. He fell in love and let Cas in, and he never even knew it. I dunno if he knows it even still. So, Cas letting him down is so devastating to him, b/c, it validates his hardcore self loathing instincts, it validates his "no one every stays with me" beliefs.
Am i making any sense to you?
Anyway, thanks for weighing in. I fear at some point Sammy will be redeemed, and I'll feel like an ass, a traitor, what have you. I still very much love Sam, but where we are at right now with him, I just can't handle it.
So, I unno, I think I'm pretty Dean!girlish right now.
Why do we have to choose, show, huh? Where are the good old days of Team Free Will where we could love all the boys without limits? *shakes fists in air*

Edited at 2012-10-09 08:07 am (UTC)
7th-Oct-2012 12:03 pm (UTC)
You do realise it's all lies don't you? I got grumpy too but after a few rewatches of 8x01 and looking at why he's saying this stuff, it's all lies. Show is doing what it does and that is manipulating us. Well I'm not falling for it. He's telling us lies, possibly unintentional, but nevertheless LIES!
9th-Oct-2012 07:50 am (UTC)
*clings to you* I hope so, I really really do! i wanna believe that Sam is a REAL boy again!!! ;)
7th-Oct-2012 08:31 pm (UTC)
*HUGS* I had a very similar feeling after watching this interview, and then after watching Sam in the season premiere. It really makes me sad. :(

Also somewhat depressing is the fact that they cut out a scene from the end of the premiere that was a nice brother moment for Sam and Dean. I don't know why Show insists on doing this. They did the same thing in the season 7 finale. I hope it shows up on the DVDs.

The only way I am holding on to some hope is because of something both Jensen and Jared said during their private Q&A sessions at the Toronto con today. Plus I am thinking Sam is hiding something - his behavior seems so "off" to me and I am wondering if it's something big. I just want Sammy back so much. :(
9th-Oct-2012 07:48 am (UTC)
Sigh,you and me both! Sometimes I think show pushes the angst toooo far. I know we love it in a healthy dose,but, after all they did to us in 7, I was really hoping for somewhat of a respite. I'm so conflicted. And god knows what they are going to do with Cas. That's gonna be a dealbreaker for me too, lol. i just can't stand all the unhappiness btw my beloved Team Free Will. Show, stop this insanity!!!
9th-Oct-2012 08:48 pm (UTC)
Me too. I'm really hoping things will get better and they're just holding out on us - although that just seems like complete torture! I'd hate to think they're just going to ruin everything. *sigh*
(Deleted comment)
10th-Oct-2012 04:48 am (UTC) - Re: *pat, pat*
Listen, I am all for these sentiments, really I am.The Sam girl in me wants nothing but to believe in the power of love that is Sammy Winchester.
And the awesomeness that is the Padapuppy.
However, you can take that noise about getting healthy and screw it, LMAO! I LIKE my screwed up co-dependent boys!! Well, ok, I do want them to get healthi ER, but not recovered completely damnit! I need that shit to validate my own brand of crazy! ;)
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