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It's funnier in Enochian
Family Don't End With Blood
GISHWHES "Holiday Special" 
9th-Nov-2012 02:05 am
Sammy bitchfacin like a boss
So GISHWHES is apparently doing something for Christmas.

New Website: http://christmaswillneverbethesame.com/
New Twitter: https://twitter.com/hairybumble

(Deleted comment)
10th-Nov-2012 05:47 am (UTC)
Hola my love,
Yes, life has been rough. My Dad had a heart attack a week ago today. (right in the middle of Gishwhes) so betw those two things I've been MIA. I did post in your journal honey, left you pictures of my Gishwhes pics and updated you, so go check again. I read the first chap of the novel, so far I like :) You're just going to have to be patient with me, the kids, my dad, I am just swamped.
But, as always, I love you bb Your pics were great! The knives killed me!
This weekend my brother, sis in law, and neice and neph are here, so I'll be doing the family time thing. What did you think of this week's epi? I will have to check your journal and see if you blogged it. The boys are wrecking my very soul. I bawled at the scene where Dean let loose. All that he feels and said, Sam's face. UGGH. On the bright side, Garth makes my day!
Talk soon!!!!
9th-Nov-2012 07:17 pm (UTC)
and yet, that doesnt stop me from signing up
10th-Nov-2012 04:40 am (UTC)
Sadly, me neither friend, me neither. Apparently I will do ANYTHING this man asks of me. Sigh. Obsession is a time consuming thing. ;)
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