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It's funnier in Enochian
Family Don't End With Blood
Hello flist and a SPOILER 
21st-Nov-2012 07:52 am
Sammy bitchfacin like a boss
Hi guys! Just had to share this image I found on Facebook tonight. I am 100% positive this is Misha:
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Things are okay on my end, I flipping loved the last episode of SPN. AND just saw this in my inbox and I am a happy girl:

I am currently immersing myself in all the awesome DeanCas BB fics coming out, and RL is annoyingly distracting and interrupting me. Sigh, such is the life of a fangirl.
In conclusion, I'd like to sum up my feelings on relationships as such:
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Happy Tuesday everyone, mad love to ya!!!
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21st-Nov-2012 03:57 pm (UTC) - MISTY!!!
My girlie!!!! Listen, I don't know if LJ is eating my shit or what, but I have sent you several messages. Things are busy, but I'm starting to get back on here. I miss you so much!!! I will get on twitter later and see if i can catch you. UGH, today, Stanley Steamer is here to clean the carpets, such a PITA. Life is always interrupting my fangirling, as I said!!!
I love ya!
(Deleted comment)
26th-Nov-2012 09:28 am (UTC) - Re: MISTY!!!
aha!!! thanks for your email, if you don't seem to see this one, I shall try it.
How was your thanksgiving? mine was hectic but great. The kids are on break now for five days, (this is somewhat ugh for me, as the youngest wants me to play and serve him nonstop lol. Also, I get almost NO net time.)So, one more day, Tuesday they are back to school!
I wanted u to know I am still reading the novel. I am intrigued with the whole situation. I also really like Bunny. She seems quite cute, and clearly just desperately wants a friend.Austin and Amber have a cute dynamic, very sibling, very protective big bro (that's how my son is about my dtr) Also, I'm wondering, are they good vamps or bad? LOL having just seen Breaking Dawn and having my Cullens on the brain, one can't help but wonder. I am looking forward to the unravelling of their secrets!
Sigh, I miss you. I will stalk you hardcore Tuesday, plan on it ;)
Big smoochies and hugs you crazy kid lolz,
(Deleted comment)
26th-Nov-2012 12:39 pm (UTC) - Re: MISTY!!!
yeah yeah, I know, you can't be like show and gimme some spoilers ;) that's alright, I like my mysteries, especially in the first part of a book, when things are getting established.
By stalk i do mean, dETERMINED to catch up to you realtime somehow. Ya know, you really piss me off w this no internet at home and no messenger mumbo jumbo LOLZ. It would be so damn fun to chat on msgr livetime. Alas, I will make do this way ;) I'll take you however I can get you!
*tackle hugs you*
(Deleted comment)
26th-Nov-2012 01:07 pm (UTC) - Re: MISTY!!!
LOL I know. I just feel the need to harass you. What are friends for? ;)
23rd-Nov-2012 06:22 pm (UTC)
lol the couples pic pretty much sums up my views towards couples too xD

also, this made me lol and i have no idea why i wish to share it with you, but have it anyway! x
24th-Nov-2012 05:52 am (UTC)
OMG, i split my sides laughing at this! Whoever does these ecards is an epic snarky deity ;)
thank you for sharing in my fic relationship worship, and sharing this reality relationships can go deadly card. xoxo!
26th-Nov-2012 04:47 am (UTC)
I couldn't find your comment so I brought it here. Is this what you were looking for?

Edited at 2012-11-26 04:47 am (UTC)
26th-Nov-2012 04:59 am (UTC)
I like I like! This is the one I was talking about:
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
I love the red writing too, so, feel free to keep indulging me if you see fit lol. Thanks for doing this sweetpie!
26th-Nov-2012 05:03 am (UTC)
But you wanted it to say Misha, right? Or did I totally screw that up? *headdesk*
26th-Nov-2012 05:06 am (UTC)
yes yes, you did it right, Misha. lOL. It's allll about Misha in my life. Oh, last night I watched this Hallmark movie last night w my mom, Naughty or Nice. There was a girl in it who really looked like Danneel, I said this to my mom, (who shrugs vaguely and says "Dean?")so, it bugged me, and i looked it up in commercial, and it was her :) Also, Gabe Tigerman was in it. He was a major char, she ws a minor. Really cute movie though, Xmas movie. Kept picturing Jen visiting her on set there, being proud of her lol. Yes, my life revolves round all these people ;)
26th-Nov-2012 05:11 am (UTC)
*laughs and nods* I do the SAME thing. And he really IS proud of her. It is so adorable to see. When I got the privelage of meeting her when she stopped by at the Nashville Con I went to (she forgot her cell phone in LA and was letting Jensen know where she would be) he was so proud when I got excited about seeing her. That, "That's my girl" grin on his face as he winked at me and then looked lovingly over at her. It was so friggin' cute. ♥
26th-Nov-2012 05:45 am (UTC)
It is just so awesome that you've been able to do these things and meet them! with all you go thru in your health, you deserve those happy things!! also, I know I know, Jen and Dan, so adorably cute. As much as I would love to see Jensen and MIsha LMAO, he really is happy with her. As is Jared and Gen. Only one I haven't seen that much public emotion about is Mish about Vicky, although i may just have missed it. I did watch the YouTube where he tells his proposal story, all teary, (OMG he is perfect)They've been together so long!
26th-Nov-2012 06:10 am (UTC)
The whole Jared and Gen thing sickens me. When they aren't fighting, her throwing her high heeled shoes at him as he runs away from her, ducks into a room and locks her out of it (yes, I saw this at the same Nashcon I saw Danneel and Jensen so happy and lovely at) then they are busily sucking each others face off. Talk about hot and cold. *eye roll* Not to mention, and I know this is just me, but all that PDA is just gross. I thought that Jen and Dan were MUCH classier when all they exchanged was a peck and she actually apologized to me for it. HA! I thought WHAT? He's YOUR husband. But yeah, that was uber classy.

As for Misha and Vicky, I think she is too busy with the babies and writing books to attend a Convention, or at least not often. Misha told me she just wrote a new one that she is in the works of getting published. :)
And yes, he IS awesome! And perfect! And adorable! ♥ ♥ ♥
26th-Nov-2012 06:20 am (UTC)
oMG really on Jared and Gen??? ( i know you aren't shittin) WOW, I had no idea. I mean, he gushes about her like a madman! That's sad if it's like that, ugh. I know you aren't his fan, but I do love Jared, and that makes me sad.
Yeah, I remember you saying how Danneel apologized for that, wow, what a fantastic lady. Seriously, it can't be easy knowing half the world looks at your hubby as a sex god lol. And I remember the bit about Misha saying she has a new book, wonder what it will be about? (you prolly know, Minx, but I won't ask)
Also, just looked at your pics, you and your Daddy sooo cute. And you, you are just a lil package of sunshine, sitting on the old tractor. And, yeah, I laughed out loud for real at the cat named "Cat". My friend has a kitty named "kitty" and I'm like, really???? lOL. My cat is named Jinxy, she's named after Mr Jinx in the Meet the Fockers movies. I loved that name Jinx!
Again, thanks for the icons, and for doing up the others for me! You are such a doll ;)
26th-Nov-2012 07:07 am (UTC)
Yeah really (J&G) I was shocked at the sight they made. Other fans were laughing, thinking they were kidding around, but I have seen that maneuver before (my ex used to do it when I went on the war path) that is a definite, she is gonna kill me move. *nods sagely*
I dunno what it was about, but yeah...
Well, the gushing thing makes me wonder about them. Most people don't do that to that degree unless they are trying to convince someone, like themselves. Jensen doesn't. Misha doesn't. Only Jared. And then after what he said right after they were married about his wedding ring being like the one from LOtR that it made him invisible and how wives only want the husband until they get the ring...yeah, something seems fishy to me somewhere and I am not just saying that because I don't like her. I don't like her because I think she has changed Jared and not for the better. But, that is my opinion and it doesn't amount to shit. *shrugs*

As for Danneel and her sex God hubby, yeah it can't be easy. I mean, even knowing that the man is loyal there has to be a little bit of doubt that creeps in sometimes. I mean there are other pretty ladies out there in the world and believe me there are many that would be only too happy to take him off her hands for her. *nods* Poor child. She has to be a nervous wreck at times.

Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. Yeah LOL the cat named Cat. I looked at my Daddy like he was crazy. And then I proceeded to tell him not to strain anything picking out a name for the poor animal. LOL He shrugged and said, "Well, that's what he is isn't it?" Like that made it better. HAHAHAHA

I love the name Jinx too. I used to use it as my pen name only spelled Jynx. But that was ages ago. LOL
And you are more than welcome for the icon. Let me know if you want any others or something crazy hits you that you want that is all your own, like my Dean and Misha one. I am more a fan of Dean and Misha than Jensen and Misha or Dean and Castiel.

It's funny, as much as I adore Jensen (and Danneel) and all that, I have this feeling that after a while we would grate on one another's nerves but Misha and I just clicked when we met. He talked to me for hours. The first time he held up the autograph line in Nashville then this time in his Meet & Greet I felt bad because he was mostly talking to me. But then we both have the same kind of sense of humor and the love of all things weird. LOL
19th-Dec-2012 04:06 am (UTC)
Ahaha, that's completely Misha! Love it. :D

Lots of love to you toooooooo on this longer-than-ever Tuesday! Can you rec any super-awesome Dean/Cas stories you come across in the near future? I won't be able to immerse myself as I'd like, with the holidays, but I don't want to miss the good stuff!! Please? *blinks imploringly*

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
15th-Feb-2013 09:20 am (UTC)
You know, the funniest this is that my friends all come across these two posts and everyone just decides to post it on my wall. XD I have twenty of these, each. :P
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